Steps for Setting up the Latest Conversion Notification and data:

Below is the final output of the Dynamic Latest Conversion Notification Widget.

Step 1:  Create a New notification with type 'Latest Conversion'

Step 2: Setting up user data for the dynamic conversion title. Click on the Icon 'Data' from the top. 

Step 3: Click on Import Data Button

Step 4: Add your conversion details one by one

  • Enter the Field Name as : 'Name' and Value as 'Your customer Name' (In this example we entered as Marc)
  • Enter the Field Name as : 'Country' and Values as 'Your customer Country' (in this example we entered as Luxembourg)
  • Click on Button 'Submit'

Step 5: Repeat the step 4 again and again until you have finished the details of conversions.

Step 6: Setup the dynamic variable on your Conversion Title

Here we add the dynamic variable as per the data key we have entered on step 4. That is variable {Name} will be replaced by the actual name value you have entered and similarly {Country} will be replaced by the actual country name value.

Note: The variable name is caps specific so if your Key was 'Name' then make sure the add the variable name as {Name} and not as {name}.

Output on the website notifications once this setup is completed: