How to install the pixel code on your Drupal website?


Download and Install the Header / Footer Drupal Module (Incase if you are not using this already)

You can download and install the Module from the official Drupal website. 

Header and Footer Scripts |

Step 2: Open the Header/Footer Module

After the Header/Footer Module is installed and Activated, Navigate to Admin -> Configuration -> Development -> Header Footer Scripts


Step 3: Copy and Paste the Benifit Campaign Pixel Code

Copy the Benifit Pixel Code of your campaign. (Dashboard -> Campaigns )

For Drupal Paste only the script to the Body Script section of the Header Footer Script Module.

! Important Note: Please don't use the comment tag on your script. ie the text which is stuck off below should not be pasted onto the Body Script box. Only the actual script tags needs to be added.

<!-- Pixel Code for -->

<script async src=""></script>

<!-- END Pixel Code -->

Note: After installing the pixel code Remember to clear the Drupal site Cache and browser in case the same is enabled on your website.