How to install the pixel code on your Joomla website?


Note: The Joomla template or framework which you are using might already have a feature to add any custom codes before the </head>. Please check the template document before follwoing the below suggested steps.

Step 1: Open your Template Files

From your Joomla Admin Login, Navigate to Extension -> Template - > Template

Step 2: Open the Template Files and Details

Open the Details and Files of your Default Template.


Step 3: Open the Index.php file

Open the index.php file for the selected template.

Step 4: Copy and Paste the Benifit Campaign Pixel Code

Copy the Benifit Pixel Code of your campaign. (Dashboard -> Campaigns )

Paste the Pixal Code just above the  </head> closing tag. Save and close the Index.php file.

Note: After installing the pixel code Remember to clear the Joomla and any other site Cache in case the same is enabled on your website.